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John Bradley serves on the Steering Committee of the OASIS IDtrust Member Section; his term extends to June 2010.

John is the CSO at ooTao Inc. He serves on the OASIS XRI, XDI, and ORMS Technical Committees. He is a member and participant in the OpenID Foundation, and the InfoCard Foundation/OSIS as a proposer and contributor to the PAPE and openID InfoCard specs. As co-founder, SVP and chief scientist at Group Telecom, John designed and implemented some of the first-ever metropolitan fibre optic networks to deliver gigabit Ethernet services – network models that have since been replicated all over the world. He also helped turn GT into Canada’s most successful CLEC – with 400,000kms of fibre, 1500 employees and a quarter-billion-dollar revenue run rate. He provided design and consulting services for Westel and helped develop Cyberstore Systems into one of the first commercial Internet service providers in British Columbia.


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