Message from the OASIS IDtrust Member Steering Committee Chair

Dear Members,

I would like to take this opportunity to provide you with an update of the IDtrust Member Section. We have had a busy year with lots of activities:


We have sponsored/co-hosted the following conferences this year, most of the conferences were well attended and generated lots of discussions and ideas. I have included speakers who are members of the IDtrust Member Section that presented at our events to indicate the type of exposure that TCs recieve when they are part of our member section.

The Symposium on Identity and Trust hosted by NIST in April

· Presentation on the latest advances in browser security by Anil Saldhana (IDtrust Steering Committee Member)

· Panel on Comparative Authorization Model by John Sabo, (IDtrust Steering Committee Member)

Link to event:

The European Identity Conference (EIC) in Munich, Germany in May

· Roundtable about the landscape of Identity Management Standards participated by John Sabo (IDtrust Steering Committee Member), Anil Saldhana (IDtrust Steering Committee Member), Tony Nadalin (KMIP TC co-chair) and Markus Sabadello (XDI TC member).

Link to event:

EEMA (European Association for e-identity and security) Conference in London, England in June

· Welcome Address by June Leung (chair of IDtrust Member Section)

· Presentation about Information, Privacy and Standards Development by John Sabo (IDtrust Steering Committee Member)

· Presentation about Digital Signatures and e-Identity by Andreas Kuehne (DSS-X TC member)

· Presentation about the latest in Key Management by Anthony Nadalin (KMIP TC member)

· Presentation about OpenID by John Bradley (IDtrust Steering Committee Member)

· Roundtable on Identity Metasystems by John Bradely, Tony Nadalin and Drummond Reed (XDI TC Member)

Link to event:

The Identity Management 2009 Conference at NIST in September

· Opening Remarks by June Leung (Chair of IDtrust Member Section)

· Roundtable on Use of Open ID in the Government, participated by Drummond Reed and John Bradley (IMI TC members)

· Presentation about the Implementation of Privacy Management throughout the life cycle of Personal Information by John Sabo (IDtrust Steering Committee Member)

· Presentations about challenges, Successes and Lessons Learned with federated key management solutions by Lars Bagnert (KMIP TC member)

Link to presentations:

Steering Committee Election:

The IDtrust Member Section (MS) elected three Steering Committee members in July, Michael McIntosh from IBM, John Sabo from CA Inc. and Anil Saldhana from RedHat were re-elected.

New Technical Committee (TC):

KMIP (Key Management Interoperability Protocol) TC is the latest TC to join the Member Section.


Abbie Babir became the official IDtrust MS liaison to ITU-T.

Members of the Steering Committee were also represented at IIW and the Burton Catalyst conference.

Our Member Section is doing extremely well, despite the economic environment and the consolidation in our industry, membership continues to grow. We have added nine sponsors/contributing members to date.

Thank you for your continued support and don't hesitate to contact members on the Steering Committee,, if you have any questions or concerns.

Best Regards,

June Leung

IDtrust Steering Committee Chair