Join IDtrust

IDtrust welcomes new participants. As a member of IDtrust, you:

  • collaborate productively with key players
  • stay abreast of the standards and help chart their courses
  • protect your investment in technology
  • gain recognition as a leader in identity and trusted infrastructures

How to join

IDtrust participants take advantage of membership in OASIS, the international standards consortium.
- If you are not already employed by an OASIS member organization*...

  • You may join IDtrust by joining OASIS and selecting IDtrust Member Section Supporting Entity on the Membership Agreement.
  • After your organization joins, you and an unlimited number of your co-workers may participate in IDtrust and in any other of the more than 60 OASIS Committtees.

- If you are already employed by an OASIS member organization*...

  • your employer may elect to become an IDtrust Supporting Entity by having your Primary Representative notify OASIS Member Services.

- If your employer is already an IDtrust Supporting Entity...

Note: Any OASIS member is free to join a Committee associated with IDtrust; you do not have to be employed by an IDtrust Member Section Supporting Entity to do so.

Cost of membership

OASIS offers a wide range of membership options and dues designed to ensure that all those affected by open standards have a voice in their creation. It costs OASIS members nothing extra to join and participate in IDtrust.


Organizations and individuals may also advance the work of IDtrust by underwriting specific activities. Donors may contribute any amount. Donations may be used for specific purposes, such as to defer meeting expenses, produce educational materials, hire program managers, etc. or to support general activities of the Member Section. An OASIS member who donates 5,500 USD or more annually (in addition to their OASIS Foundational or Sponsor-level dues) may have their organization's logo linked from every page of the Member Section's web site. See the Member Section Supporters program description for more details.

For more information

You will find additional useful information on the OASIS Membership FAQ. If you still have questions, please contact OASIS Member Services.

*Individual-level membership is also available for those unable to join through their employers.