European Demand for Secure Identity Standards Reaches New Levels

OASIS IDtrust to host a complimentary one-day workshop on the current state of identity management initiatives and standards

Barcelona, Spain, 04 October 2007 — The demand from the private and public sectors for secure identity management solutions and trusted computing is becoming the drumbeat of every enterprise. It is estimated that spending on security software across Europe is expected to exceed 3.2 billion Euros in 2007, the largest single expenditure for most corporate IT budgets. There is a strong need for all parties to agree on common standards, bridging the existing islands of identity management systems, and encouraging the development of easily deployable systems with improved security and privacy properties.

The need for open, reliable standards related to identity and trust is the driver for the 'OASIS Identity and Trusted Infrastructure Workshop: Evolutionary Milestones Workshop' which will occur at the Burton Group Catalyst Conference Europe on 22 October 2007 in Barcelona, Spain.

Presentations will focus on the critical need for strong identity management initiatives, protocols, and standards. International experts will explore innovative approaches, successful case studies, and potential opportunities directly relevant to common identity management challenges. The programme is divided into three highly relevant topic areas:

  • International Mandates and New Identity Management Challenges
  • Emerging approaches to ID Management and Global Collaboration
  • ID Management and Trust Case Studies: Successes and Obstacles

The objective will be to share information between the invited representatives from various groups involved with identity management initiatives and the attendees in an effort to avoid duplication of effort and work towards a common model for identity management standards. Attendees will gain valuable insight into which standards are relevant to their project needs, and learn first-hand from those who have successfully deployed standards-based Identity Management solutions in a variety of user scenarios.

Attendees of the IDtrust workshop are entitled to a discount to the Burton Group Catalyst Conference Europe.

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