Rules of Procedure for the OASIS IDtrust Member Section

  1. The Name of the Member Section

    The OASIS Identity and Trusted Infrastructure (IDtrust) Member Section

  2. The Member Section Statement of Work

    The purpose of the IDtrust Member Section is to promote the understanding, use and adoption of standards-based identity and trusted infrastructure technologies, policies and practices, including both Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and other trusted infrastructures; coordinate the activities of the OASIS Technical Committees affiliated with the IDtrust Member Section; and undertake initiatives supporting these goals. The IDtrust Member Section strategic focus includes:

    1. Identity and Trusted Infrastructure components such as cataloging and carrying out studies and projects addressing technology-based Identity and Trust models and standards, including those that are PKI-based as well as those utilizing other security mechanisms; relevant protocols and standards; trust infrastructures in use; and costs, benefits and risk management issues.
    2. Identity and Trust Policies and Enforcement, including policies and policy issues; policy mapping and standardization; assurance; technical validation mechanisms; and trust path building and validation.
    3. Education and Outreach: documenting trust use cases and business case scenarios, best practices and adoption reports and papers; organizing conferences and workshops; and establishing Web- based resources.
    4. Barriers and Emerging Issues associated with Identity and Trusted Infrastructures, including data privacy issues; interoperability; cross border/organizational trust; outsourcing; cryptographic issues; application integration; and international issues.
    5. Work Planning: developing and overseeing an annual planning process to support specific projects in one or more of the above four areas.
  3. The rules for electing new Steering Committee Members

    The OASIS IDtrust Steering Committee will consist of at-large positions determined by elections among all the Qualified Electors, each position will serve a two-year term. For consistency of management, terms are staggered and elections will be held annually.

    The initial number of seats on the IDtrust MS Steering Committee will be set at five and any changes to this number will be determined by the IDtrust MS Steering Committee prior to each annual election or as allowed by the Member Section Policy.

  4. The initial makeup of the Member Section Steering Committee

    The PKI Member Section Steering Committee will continue under the re-named Identity and Trusted Infrastructure Member Section until the next election.

  5. The funding model (if any) for the Member Section

    Up to forty percent (40%) of OASIS membership dues from OASIS Members who choose to be an IDtrust MS Supporting Entity (defined in Member Section Policy document) will be allocated proportionally to the IDtrust Member Section discretionary fund. The membership dues allocated to the IDtrust MS discretionary fund will be managed by the IDtrust Member Section Steering Committee and will be used to fund IDtrust Member Section specific activities. The specific percentage of membership dues allocation will be agreed upon between the IDTRUST MS Steering Committee and the OASIS President, subject to budget approval of the OASIS Board. In addition to the allocation of membership dues, the OASIS IDtrust Member Section may receive funds directly from sources other than membership dues as described in the Member Section Policy.

  6. Any provisions that apply to affiliated OASIS Technical Committees
    • Any TCs affiliated with the IDtrust MS may choose in their TC Charter to operate under any of the IPR modes allowed by the OASIS TC Process policy.
    • Any TCs affiliated with the IDtrust MS may choose in their TC Charter to operate using any language of choice.
  7. Any other provisions or activities
    • The IDtrust MS Steering Committee may pursue revenue generating and business activities, such as events, grants, donations, etc.
    • The IDtrust MS Steering Committee will elect its own chair, and set its own meeting schedule and agenda.
    • The IDtrust MS Steering Committee may modify these Member Section Rules of Procedure, subject to OASIS Board of Directors approval.

This version approved by the OASIS Board of Directors 15 November 2012

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